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Posted 5/6/2014 5:53am by Mike Nolan.

If you know anyone who wants to sign up but hasn't yet, tell them not to delay! We may consider opening more memberships after the season starts but for now we are only 20 memberships away from our 600-member CSA!

Posted 4/14/2014 5:48am by Mike Nolan.

Just a reminder that all share prices increase by $25/share as of May 1st... so sign up early!

Posted 1/16/2014 5:18am by Mike Nolan.

We are now accepting members for our 25-week 2014 CSA season (mid-May thru mid-November)! Sign up between now and January 31st and get a discount of 1 free box!

Posted 9/14/2013 12:01pm by Mike Nolan.

Saturday, October 19th at 1pm!

* Potluck- please bring a dish to share

* BYOB. We'll have some non-alcoholic beverages to share.

* Farm tours led by Farmer Mike

* Live Bluegrass Music 3-5pm by local bluegrass band Grain (donations for band accepted!)

* Fresh produce as well as pickles, salsa, etc & ESF merchandise (pint glasses, coffee mugs, tshirts, tote bags) available for purchase

* Horse rides and other activities for the kids

* An official National Food Day event! (Click Here for more details)

RSVP to earthspringcsa@gmail.com.

Click Here for directions to the farm.

Posted 6/21/2013 2:28pm by Mike Nolan.

Mon-Fri 8am-6pm

Posted 5/16/2013 6:49am by Mike Nolan.

Pennsylvania (Tuesday deliveries):
     1st delivery= June 11
     last delivery= Oct 22

Washington, DC (Wednesday deliveries):
     1st delivery= June 12
     last delivery= Oct 23

Maryland & Virginia (Thursday deliveries):
     1st delivery= June 13
     last delivery= Oct 24

See you soon!

Posted 4/17/2013 4:51am by Jamie Flickinger.

We've been busy seeding in the greenhouse...

Broccoli in the greenhouse 3/19/13

Laying plastic mulch for our seedlings...

Plastic mulch 3/30/13

Taking the high tunnel down at the old farm to move to our new farm...

Moving high tunnel to new farm 4/16/13

Planting onions, and much much more!

Planting onions 4/4/13

Ah, sitting back on a nice comfy chair while the tractor pulls you slowly through a picturesque field, all the while planting onions... not as easy as it sounds! Our team has gone up and down, up and down, and up and down many rows, for many hours a day, meticulously planting a single onion (or other transplant) in each pre-made (and watered) hole, and pushing it in the dirt and making sure dirt is snuggled in all around it. Just as back breaking as bending over and planting in your garden! Much more planting to come. Lots of love and labor going into your food, and we couldn't be more excited to get it to your kitchen!

Posted 4/2/2013 9:08pm by Jamie Flickinger.

Earth Spring Farm is proud to announce that we have officially (finally!) closed on our new farm!

Farmer Mike bought Earth Spring's initial 8.8-acre farm (which we still own and are using) four years ago, and along with leasing land in addition to this farm, has quickly built up a strong CSA and market farm. Mike's plan was to slowly transition to a larger farm with a house on it (see photo above) so we can continue to expand our CSA Membership, and so he and his family can enjoy living on the farm... the dream has come true!

Mike closed on the farm on the afternoon of March 22nd, and started chisel plowing (1st step to getting the fields ready) on the 23rd. Mike, Julie (Farm Manager), and Fernando (our Brazilian friend back for his 3rd year at ESF) have been busy getting the farm ready, moving equipment, etc. The address is 366 Stought R., Carlisle PA 17015 (about 12 miles from our old farm)... check it out on Google Maps!

Thanks to everyone for their support, especially our members who invested in our farm to help make the farm purchase happen. We promise to deliver the freshest, most delicious produce we can in a couple short months!

Check out the new farm in this VIDEO...
"Hi Everyone - this is a choppy clip from Saturday 3/23/13.  We just closed on our new farm here in Carlisle PA on Friday 3/22 and got to work right away! I will post another (and easier to hear video of a tour of the new farm. - Farmer Mike"

Posted 4/2/2013 8:55pm by Jamie Flickinger.


A huge thank you to the eight people who submitted an entry for our Logo Contest. It was very difficult to choose.... We have many talented friends of the farm!

We ended up choosing two of the artists, feeling that they can both be used for different things from the newsletter to the website to t-shirts to signs for marketing to letterheads....and so on. Our final choices were the artwork of Athena Hsieh (above, left) and Jonathan Toonkel (above, right). They will each receive a free CSA box for the 2013 season. Thanks for your hard work!

Posted 3/19/2013 9:52pm by Jamie Flickinger.

Party on the farm!

Farm tours, live bluegrass music, and much more....
stay tuned for more details!

Saturday, May 18th
1:00pm - ???

BYOB and a dish to share. Non-alcoholic drinks and some food will be provided. Also, bring a chair.

RSVP to earthspringcsa@gmail.com.

Our 2017 CSA is now open! November 1st, 2016

Our 20-week 2017 season (May - Oct) is now open to registration. Note: we're reducing the size of our membership and drop points for 2017. Sign up today to guarantee membershi

Only 18 CSA memberships left for 2016 season!June 7th, 2016

If you know anyone who wants to sign up but hasn't yet, tell them not to delay! We have 18 memberships available for the season. We may consider re-opening the CSA after the season star

Start date of 2016 CSA season! on 6/22/2016June 7th, 2016

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