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Drop Points



When you sign up for a CSA share, you choose the Drop Point location where your box will be delivered each week. The locations depend on where the greatest concentration of members live or work.

Don’t see a Drop Point near you? Give us a call and we can work together to get our fresh produce to you and your friends and neighbors.

Interested in hosting or know of a public location that might work? Call or email us to discuss. Nice discounts apply for hosts!

Interested in establishing a new PRIVATE DROP POINT (i.e., employees ONLY) at your business? Contact us! A minimum of 10 member sign-ups required.

To learn how delivery works and what the Drop Point procedures are, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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2017 CSA season drop points: 
Farm pickup, Carlisle, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Penbrook/East Harrisburg, Phoenix Contact, Eckington, 
NoMa, Capitol Hill, Mt. Rainier, College Park, Takoma Park, Park View, Petworth #1, Mt. Pleasant #1, Tenley Village, Palisades, N. Arlington, and Mt. Pleasant Farmer's Market

Below are our drop points for the 2017 CSA season.

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Pennsylvania Drop Points

WEDNESDAY delivery

  • Earth Spring Farm Pick-up (Carlisle, PA)
    366 Stought Rd., 2 mi. east of Boiling Springs, south of 74 & west of 174
    Save $35 for the season by picking up your box at our farm!
  • Carlisle (PA) Helena's Chocolate Cafe & Creperie
  • 36 W. High St., Carlisle, PA 17013
  • Total Memberships: 4
  • Camp Hill (PA) - Just Plain Yoga
    1845 Market St., Camp Hill, PA 17011
    Total Memberships: 8
  • Camp Hill (PA) - The Healthy Grocer
    3800 Trindle Rd, Camp Hill, PA 17011
    Total Memberships: 8
  • Mechanicsburg (PA) - Absolute Pilates (PA)
    Near Walden Way and Woods Dr. intersection between Hogestown Rd. and Silver Spring Rd.
    Total Memberships: 10

  • Penbrook / East Harrisburg (PA) - Dave's House of Hair
    corner of Forney & Canby
    Total Memberships: 3
  • East Harrisburg, (PA)
    Schoolhouse Lane - between Progress Ave and Wood St - close to the Osteopathic Hospital
    Total Memberships: 3
  • Phoenix Contact (PA)
    PRIVATE DROP POINT - for employees ONLY
    Total Memberships: 5


Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia Drop Points

THURSDAY delivery

  • Eckington (DC)
  • U. St between Lincoln Rd and Summit Place; 2 blocks east of intersection of N. Capitol and Rhode Island.
  • Total Memberships: 9
  • Capitol Hill (DC)
    2.5 blocks NE of Eastern Market
    Total Memberships: 9
  • Park View (DC)
    In Park View neighborhood near intersection of Warder St. and Newton Pl. NW.
    Total Memberships: 14
  • Petworth (DC)
    On Delafield Pl. between 4th and 5th, between Kansas and New Hampshire
    Total Memberships: 19
  • Mt. Pleasant (DC)
    Irving Street between 17th and 18th Streets NW.  4 blocks from the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market
    Total Memberships: 15

  • Tenley Village (DC)
    Between Friendship Heights and Tenleytown, Fessenden St just east of Wisconsin Avenue and west of Fort Reno Park
    Total Memberships: 15
  • Palisades (DC)
    Across the street from Key Elementary School
    Total Memberships: 12
  • NoMa (DC)
    A block south of Florida Ave & Gallaudet University
    Total Memberships: 7

  • Mt. Rainier (MD)
    29th St. off of Eastern Ave. between Shephard & Taylor; 4 blocks from downtown
    Total Memberships: 15

  • College Park (MD)
    Just east of Rt. 1 on Guilford Rd.
    Total Memberships: 12

  • Takoma Park (MD)
    7300 block of Cedar Ave. near the 7-11 and the library
    Total Memberships: 11

  • North Arlington (VA)
    Between Clarendon & Virginia Square near Washington Lee High School
    Total Memberships: 14

Washington DC Drop Point

SATURDAY delivery

  • Mt. Pleasant Farmer's Market Pickup (DC)
    Lamont Park, 9am - 1pm
    Total Memberships: 12

updated 11/4/16

How Delivery Works...

We do our very best to ensure that your produce arrives to you fresh and in a timely manner.  Having said that, we ask that you be flexible and understand that there is a window that we are aiming towards to get the delivery to the drop points, homes and places of work. For some, it is late morning. For others, it can be early afternoon, late afternoon, or evening. On delivery day, we will send you an email when your box has arrived at your drop point.

Generally speaking, the drop points are at private residences who are also members. They have no additional information as to when the produce is being delivered and we ask that you respect their privacy. Please direct any questions or concerns to us either by phone, text or email.

Be sure to take only what you have ordered. This is all on the honor system.

Drop Point Procedure...

If you do not remember what size box you get, whether or not you get a fruit share, or whether or not you ordered cheese or meat a certain week, please consult the list at the drop point! A new list will be printed each week.

1. Pick up your CSA Box. Please take your bag of produce out of the box and leave the box at the drop point, or if you do take the box home, please bring it back the following week. The boxes are expensive and we want to re-use them!

2. Fruit Share. If you have signed up for a Fruit Share, please take the amount of fruit designated at the drop point. The fruit will be separate from the CSA box.

3. Eggs or Milk. If you have signed up for an Egg Share or Milk Share, please consult the list to verify what size and amount you should take.  Eggs and milk will be in the cooler. 

4. Cheese or Meat. If you ordered cheese or meat, please take what you ordered from the cooler. Your order will have a label with your name.

5. Check your name off the list. Please check your name off the list before you leave. If you are picking up for someone else, please double check the checklist with what you are taking to be sure you have the correct items.

6. Returning milk bottles? Don't forget to put your name and the number of bottles you are returning on the sign-up sheet. It's important to have this information so that all bottles are accounted for when they make it back to the barn.

7. Respect the host. Please remember that in order to respect the privacy of our hosts, boxes must be picked up within the correct timeframe. For most drop points, it is by 9pm delivery day. If you're not sure what the pickup time is, log in to your membership and click the "Memberships" tab. If your box is not picked up within the correct timeframe, it becomes the property of the host.

8. ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Our 2017 CSA is now open! April 27th, 2017

Our 20-week 2017 season (May - Oct) is now open to registration. Note: we're reducing the size of our membership and drop points for 2017. Sign up today to guarantee membershi

Start date of 2016 CSA season! on 6/22/2016June 7th, 2016

Tentative start date of 2016 season! on 6/14/2016May 20th, 2016

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