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2017 CSA Share

In addition to the Share price, there is a one-time Registration Fee of $25.  Farm Pickup is excluded.


Small CSA Share = $440 ($22/week)
Large CSA Share = $560 ($28/week)
Save $35 for the season by picking up your box at the farm!

Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia

Small CSA Share = $560 ($28/week)
Large CSA Share = $660 ($33/week)

2017 Custom CSA Share

All Locations:

Small Custom CSA Share = $560 ($28/week)
Large Custom CSA Share = $660 ($33/week)
Save $35 for the season by picking up your box at the farm!

2017 Add-On Shares


The Fruit Share price includes 1 quart of fruit (with the exception of blueberries, which are in pints) per week. An approximate fruit schedule can be found on the CSA Shares and Products page. Prices are based on $5.50/week for 20 weeks.

1 Fruit Share = $110


From Earth Spring Farm's own pastured chickens! Delivery option is weekly only.  Prices are based on the 20-week season.

One-dozen = $110 ($5.50/each)
Half-dozen = $55 ($2.75/each)

For more information, including complete delivery schedule, visit our CSA Shares and Products page.


Options include quarts and half gallons of skim milk, 1.5% milk, whole milk, and chocolate milk in returnable glass bottles. Delivery option is weekly only. For more details, including complete delivery schedule, visit our CSA Shares and Products page.  Prices are based on 19 weeks delivery - week 20 is for returning any remaining empty bottles.

Skim Milk

Half-gallon = $87.40 ($4.60/each)

Quart = $57 ($3.00/each)

1.5% Milk

Half-gallon = $91.20 ($4.80/each)

Quart = $60.80 ($3.20/each)

Whole Milk

Half-gallon = $95 ($5.00/each)

Quart = $66.50 ($3.50/each)

Chocolate Milk

Half-gallon = $99.75 ($5.25/each)

Quart = $76 ($4.00/each)

Members will receive a $2 credit to their account for each milk bottle they return labeled and undamaged!  We cannot provide credits for unlabeled bottles.

Meat & Cheese

While Fruit, Egg, & Milk Shares must be purchased for the season, meat and cheese may be purchased weekly, monthly, or whenever you'd like it!  Your order will need to be placed while the web store is open for your delivery week, in order to receive it with your share that week.  Meat and cheese must be paid for upon purchase.

Web Store Hours for meat and cheese purchases are as follows:

For Wednesday and Thursday CSA deliveries - the web store will be open from 6am on Thursday until midnight that Sunday

For Saturday deliveries, the web store will be open from 6am on Wednesday until midnight that Wednesday.


Cheese is sold in both 1/2 lb and 1 lb blocks. For more information on how the cheese is made and for more info on varieties, visit our CSA Shares and Products page.

Jersey Gold Gouda:  $8.25 per 1/2 lb - $16.25 per lb
Shenandoah Sunrise (similar to Parmesan): $8.25 per 1/2 lb - $16.25 per lb
Farmhouse Feta: $8.25 per 1/2 lb - $16.25 per lb
West Virginia Blue:  $9.25 per 1/2 lb - $18.75 per lb
Sophie's Select Cheddar: $9.25 per 1/2 lb - $18.75 per lb

Bloomery (similar to Camembert/Brie):$9.25 per 1/2 half-pound - $18.75 per lb

Meat - 2017 Options & Prices coming soon!

2016 Pastured Chicken Options & Prices:
Whole Broiler Chicken- $3.95/lb

2016 Pastured Pork Options & Prices:
Sausage (Lincolnshire, sweet Italian, hot Italian, breakfast links)- $10.50/lb
Bratwurst- $11.50/lb

2016 Grass-fed Beef Options & Prices:
Delmonico Steak- $16.50/lb
New York Strip Steak- $16.50/lb
Flat Iron Steak- $13.75/lb
Ranch Steak- $13.75/lb
Sirloin Steak- $12.50/lb
Skirt Steak- $12.50/lb  2
Flank Steak- $10.95/lb
Chuck Roast- $7.50/lb
Sirloin Top Roast- $7.50/lb
Top Round Roast- $7.50/lb
Bottom Round Roast- $7.50/lb
Eye of Round Roast- $7.50/lb
Brisket- $7.50/lb
Short Ribs- $5.50/lb
Ground Beef- $7.00/lb
Soup Bones- $4.50/lb
Marrow Bones- $4.50/lb

Earth Spring Farm Merchandise

Visit our online store for pictures of the following products and to order.

Pint Glass $5                          
Coffee Mug $8                    
Grocery Tote $2
T-shirts (3 colors/styles) $10-15

Our 2017 CSA is now open! April 27th, 2017

Our 20-week 2017 season (May - Oct) is now open to registration. Note: we're reducing the size of our membership and drop points for 2017. Sign up today to guarantee membershi

Start date of 2016 CSA season! on 6/22/2016June 7th, 2016

Tentative start date of 2016 season! on 6/14/2016May 20th, 2016

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