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Scroll down this page and you can search for recipes by type of vegetable from your CSA box each week! If you have a recipe you'd like to share with other members, please send us an email at earthspringcsa@gmail.com.
Greens with Hot Garlic Dressing
Heat 1/3 c. olive oil and 4 minced cloves garlic in a small saucepan over moderate heat until fragrant, about 1 minute. Stir in ¼ c. cider vinegar and immediately pour over 1 ½ lbs. greens. Season with salt and pepper and toss well. Serve right a

Indian spiced kale and chickpeas
You can use chard or even spinach in this recipe
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Garlic roasted kale
Roasting kale is amazin-the leaves turn from a dusty dark green to dark emerald with brown-tinged curly edges that crunch. Delicious served hot from the oven--the leaves lose their crisp texture as it stands
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Fettucine with sausage and kale
Makes 4 servingsA quick hearty Italian dinner.  I prefer to use whole wheat spaghetti, but the fettucine is great too!    3 tablespoons olive oil              &
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Chili with Black Beans, Mustard Greens and Kale
Courtesy of Mindy Nunez Airhart 2 tbsp. olive oil 1 onion, chopped 1-2 red bell peppers, chopped 2 tbsp. minced garlic 3 tbsp. tomato paste 2 tbsp. chili powder salt and pepper 3-5 cups chopped greens (or other vegetables), such as mustard gr

Chard or Kale Enchiladas
From Angela Brubaker at Village Acres Farm (Mifflintown, Pennsylvania)  ·            3/4-1 lb. chard or kale, chopped finely·        &nb
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Red Kale Salad
Redbor kale chopped fine. Put kale in a bowl and squeeze half a lemon over, drizzle with olive oil and massage together. Add about a 1/4 cup of dried cranberries chopped and a few pine nuts. Add salt and pepper to taste. Best if let marinade for at
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Kickin' Collard Greens
Kickin' Collard GreensAdapted from: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/kickin-collard-greens/Detail.aspxThis recipe can be adapted for many different types of greens, just adjust cooking times. Serves: 6Preparation Time: 1 hour 3 slices bacon1 la

Braised collards with tomatoes
1 Tbl extra-virgin olive oil 1 bunch collards (about 1lb), stems removed and rough chopped 1 small onion, chopped 1 garlic clove 1 can whole tomatoes (12-16 ounces) 1 can black eyed peas (12-16 ounces), rinsed & drained 3 cups vegetable sto

Brazilian style collard greens
Collards are normally associated with long, slow cooking, but cutting them into thin strips reduces cooking time dramatically. The result is a bright, lively flavor that will make you realize these greens are more versatile than most people think.
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Collard green olive pesto
Adjust this recipe by adding or subtracting olives, a delicious new way to enjoy those beautiful collard greens!
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Sweet and Sour Collard Greens
We had sweet and sour greens at Twenty One and Main and Jason tried to get the recipe from Chef Jeff to no avail, so this is Jason's attempt to replicate it. Not the same, but pretty tasty all the same!

Braised Chard with Olive Oil and Rice
1 pound chard, washed and trimmed (you can also use kale, bok choy, or leeks)1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil2 small carrots, roughly choppedSalt and freshly ground black pepper¼ cup white riceJuice of ½ lemon Cut the stems out of the

Marina Anagnostous Spanakopetes (Spinach Triangles)
1 lb fresh spinach1½  tablespoons olive oil2 tablespoons unsalted butter2 cups chopped onions1 teaspoon finely chopped garlic1 cup chopped scallions1 cup crumbled or chopped feta (about 4 ounces)¼ cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Flash-cooked Greens with Garlic
1¼ lbs fresh spinach, watercress, snow pea shoots, or other greens1 tsp canola or corn oil8-10 cloves garlic, cut into paper-thin slices1½ tbsp rice wine or sake½ to ¾ tsp salt Tear the stems from spinach; if using o
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Tart of Garlicky Greens and Black Olives
2 tbsp olive oil3 cloves garlic, minced½ pound mixed, leafy greens without stems (mustard, kale, collard, beet, turnip, chard), finely chopped1 15 oz container of ricotta¼ cup chopped, pitted brined black olives (e.g., Kalamata)2 l

Baked Kale Chips
These are such an amazing snack and so healthy!  1 bunch (about 6 ounces) kale (Toscano works great, but can use others too)1 tbsp olive oilSea salt, to taste Preheat oven to 300°F. Rinse and dry the kale, then remove the stems and tough c
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Creamy Kale Pasta
A way to get kids to eat more leafy greens! 1 bunch kalepasta2 tbsp butter2 tbsp flour2 cups milkfeta cheese Get 2 pots: one is for boiling kale and then boiling pasta, and the other is for making the béchamel. In one pot of salted w
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Tomato-Mint Quinoa Salad w/ Radishes
2 ½ cups water                              1 ¼ cups quinoa    &nb

Radishes with Herbed Butter Sauce
2-3 shallots, finely chopped6 tbsp cold butter½ cup dry white wine1 tbsp chopped fresh herbs such as tarragon, thyme, or chives1 tsp lemon juiceFreshly ground pepper to taste20-30 whole radishesKosher or coarse sea salt Sauté the shall

Roasted Radishes with Soy Sauce and Toasted Sesame Seed
20 medium radishes, trimmed and cut into fourths 1 ½ tbsp roasted peanut oil1-2 tbsp soy sauce 2 green onions (scallions) sliced thin1 tbsp sesame seeds, toasted in a dry pan-  Preheat oven to 425°F. Wash radishes, trim ends, peel if

Braised Radishes
2 bunches radishes, about 1 pound, trimmed of tops and roots1 ½ cups chicken stock2 tbsp butter, cut into bits1 large shallot, thinly sliced2 tbsp sugar1 tbsp red wine vinegarSalt and pepper Place radishes in a skillet with stock, butter bits
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