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"My husband and I have been consistently delighted with our box every week. The produce is gorgeous and so fresh. I know so much hard work goes into every step of the growing, picking, packing, and delivery process. Getting that box is like magic every week. We're splitting a small box this year with our neighbors, but I think we might hoard a box to ourselves next year. Thanks again for an amazing service and amazing produce. I wish we lived close enough to help out on the farm!"
   —CSA Member Anna

"This CSA has just made my summer. It's so much fun and dinner is delicious every night thanks to you guys..."
   —CSA Member Julianne

"I am truly enjoying my first experience with a CSA. The quality of your produce is tops!!"
   —CSA Member Carol

"Lovely produce! Thank you. We had quite a tasty dinner this evening. Looking forward to the rest of the season."
   —CSA Member Jamie

"We picked up our box and are SO happy with the contents!  We have been members of a year-round CSA for the past few years, but decided to join Earth Spring Farm this summer because the Petworth drop point is so close to our house. So far, we couldn't be happier. Thank you, thank you."
   —CSA Member Elizabeth

"Now that I have my first box and was able to actually see and experience what our membership is going to mean to us, I am completely blown away! Everything in the box is beautiful (and so clean!), and I cannot wait to cook using some tried and true, and some new and exciting recipes provided by you! This makes me want to stand in the organic food section of every grocery store and show people the difference between what you provide and what they can get there. Huge difference. They need to understand that if they are going to pay higher prices for organic because they care about their health and the environment, then they should support the people who are actually making that possible, getting it straight from you, and cut out the middle man! Being from Seattle, I'm no stranger to CSAs, and I have to say yours is THE BEST I have run across. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep up the fabulous work!"
   —CSA Member Kim 

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the amazing food these last two weeks! My housemates and I were thrilled with the first box and could not get over how beautiful all the veggies were. The strawberries were also amazing! I made a vegan strawberry rhubarb crisp with them, delicious. I'm excited to use your recipes and we're always searching for more on our own to learn how to use the assortment of veggies. Thanks again…”
   —CSA Member Maritza 

“Many thanks!  Last week's box was terrific, and my kids ate beets for the first time.  We very much appreciate the service.”
   —CSA Member Julie 

“The veggies we got were beautiful… looked like something out of a magazine!”
   —CSA Member Rajiv 

“I just picked up our box and it looks BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to eat all of these beautiful things!”
   —CSA Member Laura 

“Thanks for a great season. We've truly enjoyed all of the delicious, nutritious, good-for-the-Earth-and-other-living-things produce that you've delivered despite the season's severe, new-normal weather.”
   —CSA Member Greg & Elizabeth 

“Just to let you know -- just signed up for another year of great veggies! … The veggies are just great. The onions are superb--we eat generally eat lots of them and are very happy to find those in our deliveries every week, and we love the eggplant, lettuce, radishes ...all in all, we enjoyed this year's variety of vegetables better than last year's…  although weather-wise it must have been really tough for you guys. We look forward to the new year. Thanks for all the great work and effort!”
   —CSA Member Susanna 

“We have very much enjoyed the CSA this year, it's been our first year of doing one, and it has become the center of our meal-planning and diet. I want to cast a vote for the eggplants! I made a big pan of eggplant parmesan each week, for several weeks this summer, and it was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by my husband, who thought he didn't even like eggplant at all. We've made him a believer. I am also giving you some of the credit for my nearly 30-pound weight loss in the past several months because I've been able to incorporate a lot more vegetable-based and vegetarian meals into our diets. Thanks Mike for all of your hard work on the farm. Hope we can visit sometime. We plan to sign up again next year! We also hope you do get to set up a Winter CSA. We'll sign up for that too! :-)”
   —CSA Member Erika & Petar 

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Our 2017 CSA is now open! April 27th, 2017

Our 20-week 2017 season (May - Oct) is now open to registration. Note: we're reducing the size of our membership and drop points for 2017. Sign up today to guarantee membershi

Start date of 2016 CSA season! on 6/22/2016June 7th, 2016

Tentative start date of 2016 season! on 6/14/2016May 20th, 2016

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At Earth Spring Farm we offer a simple way for people to receive fresh, organic produce while supporting a small local family farm. Become a member by buying a share in the farm, and when the produce is ready to pick on our farm, then you will see it in your box that week! Currently we serve the greater Harrisburg area and the Washington, D.C. area.

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